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Partner Support Project

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The Partner Support Project works in partnership with the Menís Counselling Programme at Everyman Project, to provide ongoing proactive support to partners of men on the counselling programme.

Partner Support provides:

1) Emotional and practical support
Encouraging each client to reflect on his/her situation more clearly, explore feelings about his/her circumstances in a safe environment. This involves encouraging clients to monitor the degree to which their partner has changed and helping clients to consider all their options in order to empower them to make their own decisions.
2) Safety planning
Whether a client wants to stay in the relationship, consider ways of making the home safe or to get away to a safe place we will encourage clients to think about their emotional and physical safety.
3) Domestic Violence Awareness
Identifying abusive behaviours and helping clients to recognise when they are experiencing physical and/or emotional abuse. Letting a client know that s/he is not to blame for the abuse she is experiencing.
4) Realistic expectations and safety considerations regarding Menís Counselling Programme. It is important to recognise that men attending the counselling programme may use their attendance to manipulate, further abuse or blame their partners or to convince partners they have changed or are Ďcuredí. The counselling programme does not provide a guarantee that a man will stop behaving abusively. We cannot change him only he can try to change his violent or abusive behaviours.
5) Signposting
Where appropriate referring clients for specialist support such as legal advice and housing issues.

Partner Support provides ongoing support by:

1) Post regular letters are sent to clients informing them of their partnerís status on the Menís Counselling Programme and reminding clients of the support available to them.
2) Telephone Support Ė making regular proactive contact with clients to offer emotional and practical support. Some clients prefer to arrange call times whereas others prefer to call the service as and when they need to talk.
3) Face-to-Face Counselling Ė offering clients ongoing face-to-face support for the duration of their partnerís attendance on the Menís Counselling Programme.


Partner Support offers a confidential service, which means that we do not share information with any other organisation without the clientís permission. We will not inform a clientís (ex-) partner of the any contact or of the content of the support s/he is receiving from us.

For more information about the Partner Support Programme please phone 0207 263 8894 or email
Opening hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 10am-5pm
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