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About the Everyman Project

EVERYMAN PROJECT is a voluntary, charitable organisation based in London which offers a range of support services for men who want to stop behaving violently or abusively, and for the people affected by their violence or abuse. These include a focused brief counselling programme, a partner support programme, providing information and advice on the telephone. Everyman Project relies on volunteers to support the organisation and provide the one-to-one counselling. All volunteers engaging with telephone and face-to-face clients receive clinical supervision on a regular basis.

Everyman Project is one of the longest running organisations working with violent and abusive men (over 10 years).

The fees for the counselling sessions don't cover all our costs, and we rely in funding from outside organisations to continue running the programme.Over half of our clients are unemployed and on benefit and allowed to join the programme at a greatly reduced fee.

We do not receive any government funding and rely on charitable trusts and volunteer staff to provide this essential service, to help the men change their behaviour and thereby assist in safeguarding partners and children.

If you feel this a proactive way of breaking the cycle of male violence and abuse and would like to support our work, please contact us. If you wish to support the project by making a donation please go to our donations page.

For more information about the Everyman Project please phone 0207 263 8884
or click here to email us now

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